That Victoria Beckham went too far with lip fillers?

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At 47 years old Victoria Beckham he seems to be particularly intolerant of the signs of aging on his face. The English entrepreneur, very active with her beauty line and her fashion brand, aroused quite a few perplexities when, last week, she showed up in the Good Morning America TV studio with visibly plumped lips, hyper accentuated cheekbones and a frozen look. Too many tweaks, starting with excessive doses of fillers and botulinum toxin, commented many fans of the program on social media, noting the lack of facial expressiveness of the former Posh Spice, not to mention the artificial and not very harmonious aspect of her lips, very different from the past.


One leads to another: it can take a moment to become addicted to tweaks and exaggerate, with the result of obtaining a face perhaps without wrinkles and sagging, but decidedly unnatural, sometimes even caricatured. According to aesthetic doctor Andrea De Santis, with a clinic in Milan, «The category of lip fillers tends to be condemned in toto, but distinctions must be made. In the current state of affairs we know that this kind of injectable treatment it can be done not so much to volumize as to give an anti-aging result through the optical effect of turgor and the internal effect of strong hydration, for the benefit of the cells of the labial mucosa. What is certain is that overdoing the quantities or using inelastic hyaluronic acid can lead to the “dinghy lips” yield that we still see on Instagram or on television. The same goes for the Botox: it is always better to be sparing with the quantities, rather seeing the patient in two, even three sessions, to adjust as we go, avoiding the frozen effect that takes away expressiveness from the upper part of the face ».

Here you go 6 stars whose lips have become more and more voluminous over the years. Among them there are those who admitted to having resorted to fillers and those who did not want to comment on the gossip. The result does not change.


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