That’s when Diana decided to divorce Prince Charles

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Unhappy marriage e “A little too crowded” (cause Camilla Parker Bowles) between Charles of England e Lady Diana, celebrated in 1981, ended in a stormy divorce in 1996. But what was the straw that broke the camel’s back? What is the moment when the “people’s princess” decided to say enough? Second Spencer, the film in which Kristen Stewart will give life to lady D (the film should be released in 2022, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Diana’s death), the decision was made during a Christmas in Sandringham. But the reality is more complex.

That Diana hated Sandringham, and felt deeply alone there, is well known. But the break with Carlo, announced in December 1992, had deeper roots. And Camilla, her husband’s lover, has nothing to do with it. In July 1992 the prince William, at the time 10 years old, he had a bad accident: hit by a golf club while playing with schoolmates, it was operated on the head. Diana stayed all night at her son’s bedside, waiting for him to regain consciousness. Charles, on the other hand, went to the opera, to a representation of the Tosca in the company of a handful of experts on his favorite cause: the environment. The prince not even for a moment thought of changing his agenda to ascertain the fate of the firstborn. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back: in that moment, the last reason why Diana thought she was tied to her husband, the love for her children, vanished forever.

Six months later, Diana faced one of her own worst Christmases in Sandringham. The princess and her husband, who slept in separate rooms, they clashed all the time. He armed with anger, she with tears. So it is likely that Diana, who at the time had already had several lovers (the most important was Major James Hewitt) in those days the decision to break up with her husband matured. But the seed of divorce (net of Carlo’s affair with Camilla) had been ripe for months.

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