That’s why baby George, at 12, will no longer be able to fly with William and Kate (but his brothers can)

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Every aspect of the life of the royal family is regulated by a rigid protocol, even that of travel. And in this field it is expected that two direct heirs to the throne never travel together on the same flight, so that the succession to the crown is still protected in the unfortunate event of an accident. The only one who can give permission to break the rule is the queen Elisabetta. The sovereign has so far allowed the prince George travel with his parents for vacations and commitments abroad.

But all this will have to end, even if not immediately. When William Kate Middleton’s eldest son turns 12, he’ll have to strictly adhere to travel protocol.

This because George, who will turn eight in a few days, on July 22nd, is currently the third in line of succession to the throne, after his father, Prince William and his grandfather, Prince Charles. Followed by George’s younger brothers, the princess Charlotte, six years old, and the prince Louis, three.

The first derogation from the royal protocol was granted to William and Kate in 2014, when George at just nine months followed them on the royal tour of Australia and New Zealand. Since then, the three have moved all together several times for commitments or holidays. How in 2017, on the official trip to Poland and Germany in which Charlotte also participated, or in 2019, when the Cambridge in full force (at the time there was also Louis, born the year before) are flew to Mustique, a private island in the Lesser Antilles, to enjoy a bit of the sea and celebrate the sixth birthday of the eldest child.

But this custom, which goes beyond the usually rigid rules imposed at Buckingham Palace, will have to stop. As revealed to the Daily Express Nicki Swift, a sort of authority on gossip and VIP rumors, “Queen Elizabeth has so far allowed William to circumvent the travel rule, which, however, will be applied when the eldest son, Prince George, turns 12 years old ”.

The almost got prince perhaps already knows. Because mum and dad want for him “a childhood as normal as possible», But at the same time they are aware of the fact that they are growing a future king. And indeed already last summer, as the royal biographer revealed Robert Lacey, in conjunction with his seventh birthday, they explained to him, in the simplest words possible, that one day (supposedly far away) it will be his turn to bear the weight of the crown of England.

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