The 10 best supplements to combat mental fatigue

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The hours of sunshine are getting shorter, summer is now a distant memory, study and work commitments are resumed with some uncertainties due to the attempt to resume in presence for most of the social activities.

All this promotes feelings of sadness, fatigue and even mental exhaustion, essentially attributable to a general drop in energy.

We feel powerless, listless, inattentive and fatigued. This can depend on various situations: strenuous professions, physically exhausting or mentally stressful, periods of convalescence, insufficient night rest, unbalanced lifestyle, moments of stress, or simply fromadvancing age. With the passage of time, the body can in fact find itself in conditions of energy imbalance and manage a slowdown in its cognitive abilities and attention. Tiredness mental and fatigue are therefore quite frequent conditions that should not frighten.

When our body is unable to produce the energy necessary to face the days, our body and our mind get tired, with the appearance of some symptoms such as lack of concentration and attention, the lapses of memory, headache, daytime sleepiness and widespread nervousness.

With the right behaviors and the help of some supplements, we can regain our energy and mental clarity.

Fundamental, first of all, it is the power supply. We don’t give up on a balanced diet, we don’t skip meals or binge.

We regularly introduce all the nutrients our body needs, including fats. If a heavy day of study or work awaits us, let’s not forget to have a good breakfast, abundant and rich in complex carbohydrates, the first and important energy source that can be spent during the day.

Let’s not underestimate physical activity. Even if the commitments are many and the work takes us several hours on the computer, let’s carve out – every day – at least half an hour to get moving. No need for great efforts or exhausting workouts, a brisk walk is more than enough if done regularly. When we are particularly stressed the risk of burnout it’s high, we don’t have to get to these points.

In the end, last but not least as they say, let us not neglect sleep, both in quantitative and qualitative terms.

Sleeping is not enough, you need to sleep well and rest to allow our body and mind to recharge.

In particular, we try to establish one sleep routine, going to sleep and getting up roughly at the same time all the time.

Already by re-establishing these few and simple rules, our mental clarity will gain, but we can also help with specific supplements. Like these.


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