The 10 most searched nail trends on the net

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They are not made to go unnoticed the nails of Autumn / Winter 2021-22. We saw it on the catwalks, where we really found something for all tastes, from the most minimal to the most whimsical. Not to mention the social networks: from Dua Lipa to Chiara Ferragni, the stars fill the feeds with their manicures with thousands of likes.

Whether they are basic or too muchWhether chic or pop, though, it’s clear that clean, shiny, beautifully painted nails can elevate an outfit and, more importantly, make us feel fabulous. For this in network and on social networks every day, many carry out in-depth studies not only on the trends of the current season and of the one to come, but also on the nuances like catching the moment, on the simplest solutions for a DIY manicure at home or for those who are not super practical but want to show off trendy nails , down to supplements and products to strengthen them.

We then asked the experts to point out and explain us the 10 most clicked nail searches and never again without the moment. To answer the team of professionals of Layla Cosmetics, a brand that among other things supports the Pangea Onlus Foundation through the creation of a nail polish dedicated to the Italian non-profit organization that has been working since 2002 to promote the economic and social development of women, their families and surrounding communities (all proceeds from the sale of the product will go to Pangea). Here’s what they explained to us.

Semi-permanent set for nails

«Perfect for doing a DIY manicure at home, just like at the beautician, these kits contain all the necessary for those taking their first steps in nail beauty and those who are already sailed. They are complete with UV LED lamp, semi-permanent nail polish, base, top coat, cuticle pusher, file and solvent. In short, a real all-in-one long-lasting manicure set that allows you to take care of your nails like a real pro. With unisex DNA, without labels, like the Noon by Fedez Starter Kit ».

Nail buffer

“It is of a kind of very fine-grained file in the shape of a brick and it is a fundamental tool to perform a simple manicure at its best, or when it is necessary to apply a semi-permanent nail polish or in the case in which a reconstruction needs to be done. Its function is to smooth and opacify the nails to remove or hide the imperfections of the nail ».

Pastel pink nails

«Pastel pink certainly is a timeless trend. Delicate and feminine is always synonymous with elegance that never goes out of fashion ».

Trend Christmas nails 2021

«What better time than the Christmas period to show off special and three-dimensional nails? Layla, for example, has launched the Cat Eye semi-permanent nail polishes in magnetic gels with three-dimensional reflections like crystals of light that give life to iridescent shades ».

Nail art for short nails

«Short nails have always been synonymous with comfort and sobriety but even if they show off in size” S “you shouldn’t give up on nail art. New trends suggest contrasting colors such as nude and black, black and white, red and white perhaps with small dots made with magic tool».

Biomineral nails

“This is a nail supplement. Supplements are supplements that are introduced into the body and that manage to guarantee a improvement of the well-being of the health of nails, hair, skin and even the body as a whole. They are in fact nutrients, not medicines or drugs, mostly natural products but which have their own proven efficacy and many of these supplements are registered in the registers of the Ministry of Health, including Biomineral ».

Unghie bordeaux opaco

“Matte burgundy certainly is one of the latest trends in nail color. Intense as a glass of wine, elegant but with character, it is a perfect nuance for those who want to show off a strong and never predictable shade ».

Nail ideas autumn 2021

«Continuing to talk about colors, the à la page ones for autumn are certainly dark green in shades of the forest, ink blue, cold coral red, mud toupe, camel with ocher shades and city gray».

Drawings on the nails

«In the past the prerogative only of the most expert, today they are within everyone’s reach thanks to the nail art brush. Very thin, with very high precision bristles, it really allows anyone to have fun experimenting with nail art ».

Nails with colored French

«The classic French nail art is timeless but the desire to experiment with new color combinations has created a real fashion. The most popular color combos to create the colored French are white and black, green and gold, white and blue and, for those who don’t want to go unnoticed, certainly red combined with black ».

In the gallery all the perfect products for highly sought-after nails.

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