The 10 spas to book a stay at if you are one step away from burnout

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In search of the lost balance. Unfortunately, it happens to more and more people – men, women, very young, no longer very young – to feel one step away from burnout, with unmistakable symptoms of exhaustion, isolation, lack of concentration, anxiety. Once called a nervous breakdown, today burnout is one condition officially recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), exacerbated by the conditions of the pandemic. If you recognize yourself in the picture of physical and mental fatigue, especially after this restart at one hundred per hour, we have a tip for you: unplug and take refuge for a couple of days (or more, if possible) in a hotel with hyper spa, super relaxing.

Today the trend highlighted by international wellness experts, see the panel of experts in the sector of Global Wellness Summit, is to make the classic wellness hotels real sanctuaries of peace, equipped not only to offer the classic body massage or anti-aging facial, but also yoga, mindfulness, forest bathing, pilates classes, as well as detox diets and reflexology treatments, acupuncture and everything that falls into the anti-stress category. Target: make guests forget all worries, promoting holistic and – hopefully – lasting relaxation.

10 spa-oases of peace in our gallery. Get inspired to make your choice.

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