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The 16 best anti-yellow shampoos for blonde hair

Anyone who has chosen a blonde dye must absolutely know the best anti-yellow shampoos to keep the color of the hair alive and bright. In fact, anyone who undergoes bleaching could easily encounter decidedly unpleasant yellow shades which can be combated thanks to a touch of purple. And this is precisely where the shampoo toning they come to our rescue, thus eliminating tones with a yellowish contrast.

Because let’s be honest: being blonde is a hard and arduous task. Hours and hours under the hands of hairstylists who are responsible for the perfect bleaching, more or less cold toners and roots that in a short, or rather very short, time come back to peep out, ruining all the (tiring) work done up to now.

This is where i come into play best anti-yellow shampoos. professional and non-professional, specially formulated to combat the unsightly shades that blonde dyes, but also white hair, tend to develop due to external agents and the natural base colour.

The best anti-yellow shampoos for blonde hair

And now the time has come to find out which shampoo to buy to best treat blonde hair. And who could do it if not those who experience this daily trichological tragedy? From products for (almost) daily use to those that leave hair soft and shiny, through to professional shampoos to be used with care.

Elgon, Colorcare Silver Shampoo

Here the purple pigment, designed to counteract yellow undertones, is extracted from blueberry. Furthermore, thanks to the active ingredients present in the formula, the hair will be shiny and shiny, bringing the tone back to its original shade.

Amount: 300 ml

RedMoringa, Organic Anti-Yellow Shampoo

Made of 99.5% natural, this organic anti-yellow shampoo contains neither silicones nor parabens. What makes this hair cleanser so green are ingredients such as mallow, which soothes and avoids itching on the scalp, and chamomile, designed to emphasize blonde highlights and leave hair shiny. Last, but not least, Moringa: rich in antioxidants and a real barrier against oxidative stress.

Amount: 250 ml

Aveda, blonde revival

Looking for a cold blonde? This is the shampoo to try for gradual results. While other detergents are recommended for occasional use, this one can also be used continuously. In this way the hair will lose the unsightly yellow reflections, regaining an icy tone.

Amount: 200 ml

Kérastase, blonde absolu

Unlike other shampoos, this anti-yellow cleanser with purple pigments also contains hyaluronic acid. Which, in addition to being fundamental for the health of the skin, is now also indispensable for the hair given its hydrating and nourishing effect, leaving the hair shaft elastic and shiny.

Amount: 250 ml

Echoes, S6

What speaks here are the reviews that tell how this purple shampoo has improved and eliminated yellow shades from the hair. «After two uses, yellow hair is a thing of the past» «long hair can be combed very well after use»the only advice that has emerged is to use a hydrating mask to restore the right level of hydration.

Amount: 1000 ml

Davines, Heart of Glass

This shampoo, to be used together with the conditioner and mask from the same line, is indigo blue, a much more precise tone than the classic purple of the other proposals. Here the color credit is given of Jagua extractwhich thanks to its delicacy also allows daily use, avoiding the risk of chromatic overload.

Amount: 250 ml

Cotril, icy blonde

Designed for both blonde and gray hair, this shampoo

Heavenly scent, it doesn’t dry out the hair like Silver but by keeping it on it still extinguishes yellow reflections

Amount: 300 ml

L’Oréal, Shampooing violet

Arista, purple shampoo

Even specific shampoos do not lose sight of the issue of sustainability. Here, in our selection, a solid version of the purple and anti-yellow shampoo cannot be missing. Convenient to never give up your own haircare routine even when travelling.

Amount: 82 grams

Fanola, no yellow care

Looking for a viral product? This has dominated TikTok feeds for several months thanks to the extra intense formula that allows you to eliminate any trace of yellow even from silvery hair. Only advice: absolutely use with gloves to avoid finding yourself with stained skin for days on end.

Amount: 350ml

Alama, no yellow shampoo

For those looking for a professional product, this shampoo is perfect both in terms of performance and size. 500ml, one of the largest on the market, enriched with silk proteins, grape extract and antioxidants.

Amount: 500ml

Milk Shake, silver shine

Some shampoos with pigments tend to dry out the hair fiber, which is why it is best to opt for a delicate cleanser like this one formulated with organic berry extracts and milk proteins.

Amount: 300ml

Olaplex, Nº4P

When we talk about shampoos that take care of the hair, both in terms of color and structure, we cannot fail to mention Olaplex. In addition to eliminating yellowish shades, even from browns with luminous reflections, this shampoo gives shine and structure to the most suffering hair.

Amount: 250ml

Phitofilos, anti-yellow shampoo

With bioliquefied Hibiscus and Henna, this anti-yellow shampoo is among the organic and vegan references. Designed to turn off the yellow reflex, it must be applied to wet skin and hair and then left on for a few minutes to allow the plant extracts to release all their benefits.

Amount: 200ml

Pantene, purple shampoo

Biotin and silk protein are the protagonists of this anti-yellow shampoo which mixes healing properties with toning ones, specifically designed to restore brightness and brilliance to blonde, gray and platinum tones.

Amount: 225ml

Moroccanoil, Perfect Blonde Shampoo

To be left on for 3-5 minutes, this shampoo, designed for color care, is enriched with ArganID™ technology which helps to infuse Argan oil into the hair. The oil will thus hydrate the shaft and close the cuticles which give the hair a messy and dry appearance.

Amount: 70ml

Source: Vanity Fair

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