The 33-year-old who thought she caused the coronavirus – She heard voices and couldn’t go out

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A woman from Britain experienced great difficulties in her personal life, due to psychosis from which he has been suffering for a long time, since he was not only listening voices in her head and she couldn’t move out, but she got to the point where she thought she caused him coronavirus.

THE 33-year-old Natasha Rea who has been dealing with psychological problems since adolescence, has been diagnosed with bipolar disorderbut until the doctors found out what she was suffering from, she experienced a series of significant problems, which in some cases almost cost her life.

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According to nypost.comeverything started at the age of 14when the woman misdiagnosed with “mood disorder”. Since, experienced strong emotions, deep periods of depression and anxiety, but also unpredictable manic episodes.

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Specificallyhe couldn’t leave the house during the lockdown, because he thought he had caused the coronavirus, while hearing voices in her head. In fact, he spent eight hours of one day wandering the empty corridors of a hospital wondering why people were frantically using antiseptics.

Now, he doesn’t put it down and wants to she speaks publicly to raise awareness of bipolar disorderwhich cannot be cured by any medication, with those who suffer from it being a daily struggle.

Source: News Beast

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