The 3rd Congress of PASOK-KINAL continues for the second day with speeches by executives

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The second day of the Congress of PASOK-Movement for Change, began with speeches by executives and members of the party. In his greeting, Professor Nikos Alivizatos expressed his support for Nikos Androulakis and the new generation that gave a dynamic presence at yesterday’s start, while Nikos Christodoulakis and Elias Kikilias presented the program framework that was prepared and will be discussed on the way to the elections. party means a progressive program “.

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Andreas Loverdos, who claimed the leadership of the party last December, pointed out that his prediction that his power could be more than doubled, as he said, “the citizens give us a great opportunity that should not be missed. It is in hand. our polls to become an electoral force “.

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Mr. Loverdos stated that he does not back down from his principles and with them he supports the new President, the party and the faction, ignoring pettiness in the Social Media and the Parliament. “Everyone in the common struggle for the Renaissance of PASOK setting aside personal issues. Only the homeland is above all”, concluded Mr. Loverdos.

The current secretary of the party, Manolis Christodoulakis, was applauded when he referred to Fofi Gennimata, saying that “we owe it to her that she kept us united and taught us to fight with morality and faith in our principles”. Mr. Christodoulakis pointed out that in PASOK-KINAL, the second role does not fit or is defined differently and added that no one is left with the collective to be against the individual aspirations of everyone.

The member of the Political Council and coordinator of the Secretariat for Social Democratic Renewal, Theodoros Margaritis, defended the choice of the Renewal Left to partner with PASOK in difficult conditions, in 2015, while emphasizing that the composition of the title shows the osmosis and unity of its forces of the new Social Democracy. He demanded that there be no exclusions in the new Central Committee.

Source: Capital

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