The 5 TV series to inspire you to decorate your home

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Today more than ever the TV series we watch become a topic of debate with our friends: we comment on the latest episodes, we dodge spoilers and finally, we fearlessly await the new seasons.

In short, they have become a real part of our lives. They allow us to know always new stories, get excited and immerse ourselves together with the protagonists in their adventures.

And TV series also dictate trends and lifestyles. Indeed, who would not like to participate in a party in one of the mega villas of Elite? Or work in the colorful communication agency of Emily in Paris? Or, again, perhaps it would not be enough for us to have a good tea in the pompous rooms of the palaces of Bridgerton?

Here, then, is the advice of ManoMano – the e-commerce of do-it-yourself, gardening and home furnishings – for furnish your home following the style of the most iconic series Netflix.

Elite: the series of millionaires with furniture for all budgets

This series, the most avant-garde design icon, stands out for its large and spectacular spaces. But it is not necessary to have a dream home with stunning gardens and endless pools like the ones featured in the series.

To add a touch of design to your favorite room, just retrieve an old-fashioned painting or sculpture from the attic or a flea market and place this element in a light setting. The perfect example is Polo’s home, especially his living room. In addition to the presence of minimalist, colonial and Nordic styles, you can also find further inspiration in the villa where Rebeka and her mother live.

Emily in Paris: a series full of clichés, even in the furnishings

The modernity and elegance of the Parisian atmosphere are the background to the story of Emily, an American girl who has to go to Paris for work. The protagonist and the environments that surround it have become examples of the most chic and innovative styles, without neglecting the taste of the more classic ones.

The style that characterizes the series, better known as’French-Scandinavian ‘, is recognized for his Nordic design, always functional, combined with the classic and elegant French style. The large windows characteristic of Parisian buildings coexist perfectly with unique and minimalist details, as can be seen in the office where the protagonist works.

Abstract paintings, gold decorations, elegant walls with frames that surround mirrors and paintings: these are the elements that characterize this space. Natural light is predominant thanks to white, while i wooden furniture and light fabric curtains they blend perfectly with the surrounding environment.

Bridgerton: the intriguing series on British high society from the 19th century

A series where not only the plot and the characters are captivating, but also the decor of each space does not go unnoticed. The production, in fact, stands out for its spectacular places and its decorated buildings.

Here we discover a new style, the «regencycore», inspired by the old and baroque English style. Floral prints take center stage e the golden touch of the frames, of the candlesticks and vases highlights this classic trend, just like in the villa of Bridgerton.

Valeria: where the styles adapt 100% to the personality of the protagonists

A series full of incredible scenarios, with excellent actors and the most modern furnishings. If you live in a rented apartment, this is the series for you.

Indeed, it shows how an old apartment can be furnished with a retro design made of old furniture restored and repainted in bright and youthful colors, as in the apartment of the protagonist, Valeria.

While Lola’s house keeps one more modern and industrial style, with exposed brick walls and metal beams, without forgetting luci a neon and the colored ones: the final touch to make you feel like you are in the series.

Call me Anna: a tender story with unique settings

This enchanting and thrilling series inspired by the adventures of Anne Shirley and based on the best-selling novel by Lucy Maud Montgomery takes place in a harmonious country setting with a rustic style. Style in which wood is the main protagonist, with its ability to heat rooms with simplicity.

The furniture is characterized by the presence of classic furniture in aged wood, wardrobes, display cabinets or large tables, the latter decorated with bouquets of wild flowers, candles or lanterns, all elements that evoke a particularly delicate and romantic style, the so-called country chic.

Here are some accessories that will suit you, whatever series you want to inspire you for a revival of home design.

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