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The 5+1 things changing in Britain under King Charles

THE Charles he is her new king Britainsince his mother Queen Elizabeth passed away at the age of 96, as a result of which significant changes are expected, which will cost the country dearly.

As it states nbcnews.comthe changes are not only formal, but also financial, so the UK economy, which is already struggling after Brexit, is expected to suffer.

Here are the 5+1 changes expected in the next period of time

National Anthem

The majority of Brits may have grown up with ‘God Save the Queen’, but now they’ll be saying the variation ‘God Save the King’.

Originally written in the 18th century, the hymn was first adopted in the 19th century, while there are several verses, only the first is usually sung on formal occasions.


The famous red letter boxes, or post boxes as they are known in the UK, were created while Elizabeth was on the throne and are emblazoned with her monogram.

Now that Charles is on the throne, any new mailboxes will carry his code. However, Elizabeth’s monogram will not be replaced and will remain in place, according to the Postal Museum in London.


The image of the Queen appears on all British coins. In fact, she was the first monarch to appear on paper money. At the time, the plan was criticized as harsh and unrealistic, according to the Bank of England. Since then it has changed and other portraits have been more warmly received by the public.

There are currently £82bn or $95bn of notes in circulation, so design changes are likely to come slowly. It will also take time to distribute with the image of the new monarch, while the older money with the portrait of the Queen will continue to be valid.

Source: News Beast

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