The 73 years of Prince Charles, between green commitment and love for Camilla

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Prince Charles turns 73. The corona he hasn’t won her yet – mom Elizabeth II despite the ailments of her 95 years she doesn’t seem at all willing to give it to him – but on the other hand she proves to deserve more and more the nickname that she was able to win over everyone in advance for her convinced environmentalist vocation: The green prince, the Green Prince. At the Cop26 of Glasgow the heir to the throne was a real protagonist: ha urged world leaders to treat the fight against climate change “like a real war” e celebrities – gives Leonardo Dicaprio a Joe Biden, gives Jeff Bezos a Stella McCartney – lined up to be photographed next to him, a pioneer in the fight against climate change.

Prince Charles with Leonardo DiCaprio and Stella McCartney at Cop26

Owen Humphreys / IPA

A few days before the crucial climate conference, the prince, in the documentary Cop26: In your hands, to explain the catastrophe looming over the planet if the powerful and the nabobs of the economy do not decide to reverse the course, he brought up the eight-year-old grandson George. “I’m old enough to have a grandson,” the Prince of Wales said in the film. “Like you, he too is learning like the climate change is causing the big ones storms and floods, the Drought, the fires and the food shortage that we are seeing all over the world “.

The principe Carlo, as is well known, he is a royal “green” ahead of everyone: his first environmentalist discourse dates back to over 50 years ago. At one time, however, for his crusade to defend the planet, he was accused of naivety: who mocked him because he talked to plants, who because argued the need to go back to natural fibers instead of synthetics: “When I was George’s age, people had no idea of ​​the damage we were doing. But when I was a teenager, I began to understand that if we didn’t stop polluting our planet we would deal with it a very dangerous future. That’s why I’ve spent so much time in my life trying to explain to everyone that we must work in a way that makes nature thrive rather than make it suffer“. That we must give back to nature what we take away from them. Each of us has a fundamental role in this ».

Passing on his commitment to his children has always been a priority for the future king. So much so that in recent days he has publicly praised William for the Earthshot Prize, first global prize for the protection of the planet: “I am very proud of my son William for his growing commitment to the environment”. Even the rebellious son Harry it says “green”. But he, with his wife Meghan Markle, He has been accused several times, given his passion for private jets, of being an environmentalist only in words.

Prince Charles and Joe Biden at Cop26

Jane Barlow / IPA

Father Carlo, on the other hand, has always followed up with concrete actions: created a foundation for the environment, wrote books and organized awareness events, participated in a BBC documentary entitled The Earth in Balance, A Personal View of the Environment. It’s still: recycle rainwater, has invested in renewable energy (pellet stove, solar panels, etc.) e only products from his Ducky Home Farm enter his kitchen, dove organic farming has been practiced since 1986. Also the gift for the birth of the grandson George, eldest son of Kate e William, bears the sign of Carlo’s love for greenery. When the little boy was born eight years ago, the prince planted a wood for him near Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

Carlo is increasingly respected today for his fight against climate change. And the title of “green prince” must be a good revenge for him who also boasts a less flattering label: “forgotten prince”. So the British press renamed it because of a bitter record: at 73, it is the longest-awaited heir to the throne in UK history. Whether this is really cause for disgrace for Carlo, as so many have written, we will probably never know. What is certain is that the prince has had a lot of time to think about his kingdom to come. It is logical that, for the time being, his turn will come, he knows exactly what to do: “It will revolutionize the monarchy with a view to containing costs», several royal observers explained.

It is less clear, at least so far, the role he will play Camilla when Charles ascends the throne. The Duchess, of course, will become the wife of the sovereign. But what title it will be assigned to you at home Windsor? According to the biographer’s reconstruction Penny Junor in the book The Duchess, the former Mrs. Parker-Bowles, to avoid confrontation with the late Lady Diana, would much prefer to be called “Princess consort”, compared to the canon Queen consort, or “queen consort“. Not even Camilla’s eldest son, the food critic Tom Parker Bowles, is able to shed light on the mystery: «I don’t know if mom will be queen. The truth is that this thing has not yet been decided “, he said in an interview with The Times.

In reality, Carlo is already pushing for his wife to have the title she deserves. He has been waiting for the crown for a lifetime and when the time comes he will want to share it with the woman who has been able to wait for him – in the uncomfortable role of lover – for thirty-two years. Their first meeting dates back to 1971. The prince was all sweaty after a polo match played in Windsor park. And she, the impertinent face of a self-assured country girl, presented herself thus in the presence of his highness: “Do you know that my great-grandmother was the lover of her great-grandfather, Edward VII?».

There was already the fate of the couple in that sentence, pronounced by the then 24-year-old Camilla to attract the attention of the heir to the British throne. The two, as we all know, will be lovers for 32 years, until to wedding celebrated on April 9, 2005 who have come full circle by demonstrating Camilla’s greatest quality: the resilience. A dowry that certainly is not lacking even for her husband. Even in terms of struggles for the salvation of the environment. For years many have made fun of the prince for his green battles, but he has gone on without batting royal eyelid and over time has taken his revenge. Even at Cop 26, where the stars lined up for a photo with the future king, green ahead of everyone.


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