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The 8th playboy behind the photo shoot with the models who were stripped naked in Dubai

A Ukrainian investor and playboy who has posed with important personalities is the man behind the nude photo shoot of the models in Dubai that caused outcry.

Vitaliy Grechin from Kiev is accused of that organized photography in the UAE which resulted in the arrest of 12 models from Ukraine and a Russian by the authorities of the emirate for violating strict laws on decency.

Ukrainian media accuse him of being the brain. His social media is also full of videos and photos that show him in models in yachts, nightclubs and private jets.

Grechin has posed for pictures with Barack Obama when he was president of the United States in 2011, but also with Hillary Clinton, George Clooney and Sylvester Stallone.

The media of his country name him as the man he set up photographing on a balcony in Dubai with the 19 naked women, who followed the authorities of the emirate.

My Ukrainian friends wanted to wish all my Jewish friends a Happy Hanukkah, and hint to Harvey Weinstein that he lives in the wrong country 🙂

Posted by Vitaliy Grechin on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

“According to our information, he is the organizer of the trip and the scandalous photo shoot,” writes the Kiev news website Strana. The site reveals that he was not arrested with the others.

Grechin refuses to comment on his involvement in the international scandal…

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