The acid attack at the age of 15 that deformed her and love 13 years later

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When he was 15 years old he received a horrible acid attack, which resulted in her face being deformed and her vision shaping to 20%, because she “rejected a marriage proposal”. The 28-year-old woman finally married a man she met in the hospital, while recovering.

Pramodini Roul found love 13 years later and married 29-year-old Saroj Sahoo on March 1 in her hometown of India. The couple met in 2018.

A friend of Saroj’s was a nurse and he often visited the hospital where Pramodini was recovering. There the couple met and fell in love, according to the Daily Mail.

Along with facial burns and vision loss, the young woman also lost her hair. But that did not stop her from enjoying the most beautiful day of her life. The wedding was attended by 1,000 guests. Among them is another victim of an acid attack.

Pramodini, who wore a wig for her wedding day, said: “I feel blessed to be marrying Saroj, it ‘s an incredible feeling. “We had so many guests at the wedding to celebrate our special day with us.”

The couple got engaged in 2018 and planned to get married in April 2020. However, the coronavirus pandemic changed their plans and the wedding finally took place a few days ago.

“I visited the hospital often during my recovery and in 2018 we fell in love and he left his job to take care of me. “Many people were surprised that he wanted to marry me but we fell in love and our families finally accepted it.”

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