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The age of anger: the miniseries with Manu Rios between sex and crimes

Halfway between a thriller and a teen drama, The age of anger, the four-episode miniseries written by Juanma Ruiz Cordoba and Lucia Carballal and inspired by the novel of the same name by Nando Lopez, arrives on RaiPlay almost in silence, despite having considerable potential in store. At the center of this Spanish series which is a bit of a coming-of-age story linked to the discovery of one's sexuality, there is Marcosa handsome and insecure boy who, behind a certain bravado, will be forced to defend himself from a serious accusation: that of having murdered his father. To lend his face to the protagonist of The age of anger And Manu Riosthat is, one of the most launched emerging actors in the international jet-set, ready to enchant the public thanks to the interpretation of a deliberately nuanced character, which the spectators will gradually get to know as the episodes follow one another.

In fact, when we think we have finally got Marcos in the picture, the latter changes the cards on the table and puts to the test the certainties we thought we had about him, the fault not only of the apparently perfect context to which he adheres but also of some truths that will come to the surface tremendously. Harassed by his father figure, an ancient and narrow-minded man who thinks he can solve anything with violence, Marcos will have to deal with the discovery of his homosexuality but also with the urgency on the part of his father to put him in line to make him become like him. The result will be a boy who withdraws into himself and reacts in an ambivalent way: on the one hand persecuting homosexual people like him, as if this could cleanse him of the feelings he feels, and on the other by entering the most promiscuous situations to appease his sexual appetite. of him.

The Age of Wrath the miniseries with Manu Rios between sex and crimes

Thanks to the help of Álvaro (Eloy Azorín)his literature teacher, but also of Sandra (Amaia Aberasturi)the classmate who initially has a huge crush on Marcos, and of Raúl (Daniel Ibáñez), the “nerd” of the group for whom Marcos discovers he has an attraction, we will slowly enter an environment where nothing is what it seems and where family and relational balances seem to hang by a very thin thread. The result is, indeed, The age of angera miniseries capable of delivering an unprecedented cross-section of Generation Z focusing on an infinite number of themes such as bullying, homophobia and generational contrast, claiming the purely adolescent right to discover one's boundaries and define oneself as people and human beings.

Source: Vanity Fair

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