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The analyst named the memcoins that insiders are purchasing

Memcoins occupy an important and unique place in the digital asset ecosystem, attracting the attention of the cryptocurrency community with unpredictable fluctuations. The cryptanalyst identified ten “meme” coins that insiders are very fond of.

A popular decentralized finance (DeFi) and Web3 expert in the crypto community under the username Tracer on X (formerly Twitter) believes that the ten memcoins he selected can show significant growth in the very near future.

Top 10 favorite memecoins of insiders

Tracer wrote that for several months he had been tracking the wallets of an insider who earned 283x on memcoin under the ticker BRETT. After information about listing on centralized exchanges (CEX) was leaked, the price of the asset soared by 400%, and the capitalization of the “meme” coin rose from $1.66 billion to $1.92 billion.

Based on the data received, Tracer identified the top ten memcoins that can soon update their highs. The first one is PONKEwhich boasts strong community support and a market value of $196 million.

Another asset that the cryptanalyst advises paying attention to is MICHI. The coin, inspired by the popular standing cat meme, has become popular with the creation of thousands of meme avatars. Memcoin’s capitalization now exceeds $120.8 million.

Michi generated avatars. Source: Michi.org

“Memcoin, variants of which you have already seen everywhere! The Michi meme generator generated thousands of avatars, which helped create a huge buzz around the coin,” wrote Tracer.

CWIF – a deflationary memcoin, the valuation of which exceeds $46 million. Recently, the project team conducted a large airdrop among more than 1.3 million asset holders.

According to the cryptanalyst, the token has strong potential in the Solana (SOL) ecosystem DUKO. This is facilitated by regular donations from developers to charitable projects. At the same time, Tracer foresees great prospects for SMOG And STRUMP. The former recently added support for Ethereum (ETH) to gain access to a wider market, while the latter offers attractive tokenomics.

Among the lesser-known, but no less promising memcoins, the analyst also highlighted SLOTH, KATA, OPTI And SOLAMA. The coins are of particular interest amid rumors of potential listings on major exchanges.

According to Tracer, news of memcoins listing on marketplaces such as Coinbase or Binance typically triggers a 50% rise in coins. It is this pattern that consistently enriches those who know about these listings in advance.

Thus, at the end of last year, the crypto community actively discussed the purchase of a significant amount of Dogwifhat (WIF). On-chain analysts suggested that the anonymous trader has insider information about the listing of memcoin on exchanges. Later, memcoin trading actually began on Binance.

Source: Cryptocurrency

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