The analyst saw good prospects for the SAND token

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Coin Bureau’s YouTube presenter Guy revealed that Ethereum-based gaming altcoin The Sandbox (SAND) is set to surge in the coming weeks.

SAND is a native virtual world token based on Ethereum The Sandbox that allows video game fans to monetize their gaming experience.

SAND is ranked 58th among cryptoassets by market cap, trading at $ 3.86 on Nov. 18, up 66% over the past seven days.

The analyst is confident that the gaming altcoin has room to grow.

SAND … doesn’t crash as quickly as I expected. It looks like its uptrend will continue. There are several reasons for this. First, NFT. As I mentioned, the Sandbox’s NFTs are some of the best-selling of all NFT collections. Many of these purchases are made at SAND, which creates demand.

The expert also notes that SAND’s average market capitalization means less cash will be required to raise the price compared to larger metauniverses such as Axie Infinity AXS.

In his opinion, the SAND tokenomics are very reliable:

The maximum supply of SAND is $ 3 billion, its initial and current distribution is stable, and the transition schedule is evenly distributed.

With that said, Guy predicts another 300 million SAND will be unlocked in December. Something similar happened in July, which brought down the price of SAND. On December 1, the situation may repeat itself.

Even so, SAND’s specs look good, which is the fourth reason it can continue to move up. If my calculations are correct, in the coming weeks we may see a 2x increase in SAND, unless, of course, the rest of the cryptocurrency market crashes.

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