The animated series Tom and Jerry returns to the screens: it will be shown on HBO Max on July 1

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Warner Bros. announced a new animated series, Tom and Jerry in New York, which will be released on HBO Max. This is a continuation of the well-known story of the confrontation between a cat and a mouse, based on a series of classic cartoons filmed by Hanna-Barbera for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The HBO animated series Max follows the adventures of Tom and Jerry at the luxurious Royal Gate Hotel in New York, where they settled in in the 2021 feature film. The first poster shows the heroes on the subway, where they wreak havoc by chasing each other. The director and producer of the new project is Darrell Van Citters, who previously took part in the creation of the cartoon.

Tom and Jerry is a series of animated short films that first hit the screens in 1940. Initially, cartoons were shown in cinemas before films and over the course of several decades passed from one studio to another. In 2006, the rights to “Tom and Jerry” were taken over by Warner Bros., which created an entire franchise, producing several series of short films in the classic style, as well as relaunching the animated series in tandem with other cartoon characters of the Cartoon Network. This year, the feature film “Tom and Jerry” was released with Chloe Grace Moretz in the title role and drawn characters, the continuation of which will be a new animated series.

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