The approximate date of activation of Vasil in the main Cardano network has become known

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Cardano developers are doing “extensive testing” of the Vasil update. The hard fork is scheduled to activate “sometime in September,” project founder Charles Hoskinson said.

According to him, the team found a number of errors in the code that it has to fix. Hoskinson emphasized that the specific terms of activation depend, among other things, on the actions of trading platforms.

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“The next important step will be to attract cryptocurrency exchanges. […] When the three to five largest platforms update their systems, a hard fork date will be set,” he explained.

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The founder of the project noted that the support of major players will “push” the rest of the market participants to accept the update.

Vasil includes four proposals to improve the Cardano network, focused on reducing transaction fees and improving network security. The update will also make it easier to interact with smart contracts.

Initially, the hard fork was planned to be activated at the end of June 2022, but then the date was postponed to the next month.

In July, the Cardano developers activated the update on the testnet.

In the same month, the project team again postponed the date of the hard fork. The step was explained by the desire to make sure that all parties to the process are ready for the upgrade.

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