The apps to download for a journey of art and culture

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Discovering the world can be even more beautiful with a smartphone in hand and the right apps: for example the ones we have selected in the gallery above between novelties and great classics unmissable to go around between cities of art and cultural destinations.

They are useful apps for optimize the trip making every moment a discovery, which allows you to get to the bottom of the history of the places we are visiting, to organize the visit and at the same time the memories (and not only), and all in a few clicks (or even without).

Examples? There are applications that, only photographing churches, historic buildings or monuments, they give all the useful information to read or listen to in the form of audio guides (the real revolution of traveling with the smartphone in hand), and then to organize too last minute personalized tours, others that keep track of our movements, photos and videos made and then turn them into digital albums to browse whenever you want. There is no shortage (many) ideas for little discoverers, why one begins to appreciate the beauty of the world from an early age. To discover them all, browse the gallery

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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