The Argentine nun who promotes her faith through social media

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THE Josephine Cataneo is a nun from Argentina. Not an ordinary nun and not a nun out of her time. She is active in social media, which she often uses extensively to promote religion to her followers.

For a year now the Josephine has managed to draw attention to social media in order to tell the world about her faith. “My role is to attract young people to Christ,” she said in a video twitter.

“I do not believe that God will close the doors of his kingdom because someone is gay, trans or belongs to this community. The church needs to be open to everyone. “We need to broaden our horizons, to see that things are changing.”

Its relationship with social media started during the pandemic and within a short time, her videos went viral. Its fame surpassed the city of 10,000 inhabitants, where the monastery is located, 300 km southeast of Cordoba.

THE Josephine comes from Veronica of Argentina and e

is the third of four children in her family. Describing herself, she states that “she was a young woman who went out and had fun”. But when he fought, in his Games Buenos Aires and feeling too tired to run, she asked Christ to help her finish her race.

According to a publication in her country, the Josephine was always close to Universal faith, but she had never thought of devoting her life entirely to Jesus until, on a mission to Spoon, in the province Tsako of Argentina, opened a new world for her. “There was a click,” he said of his decision to follow God’s path.

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