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The army is coming to Sweden to deal with the gang war

In an unprecedented decision in the history of the country, its government proceeded Sweden to deal with the escalation of violence. The Prime Minister Ulf Christerson announced that he intends to use the military in the war on gangs.

“Sweden has never seen anything like this, no other country in Europe has seen anything like this”emphasized the head of the center-right government that took power last year promising to tackle crime.

It was the reason for the decision the death of three more people on Thursday. Since the beginning of the month, deaths from gang conflicts (shootings, bombings, etc.) have reached twelve. September was the deadliest month of the last four years.

Yes, yes most victims were bystandersfound by chance at the scene or people who knew the perpetrators, but they were not involved in any gang. Also many of the victims were young.

“Crime has risen to a level we have never seen before. The situation is serious in Uppsala and throughout the country,” said Katarina Boval, a police spokeswoman for the university town 70 km north of Stockholm, at a press conference.

The conflict between gangs to control drug trafficking mainly affects the city of Uppsala, which is under increased police surveillance and has seen an escalation of violence since late June. However bloody clashes between rival gangs have also taken place in Stockholm.

“Innocent people with nothing to do with organized crime, among them children, were once again forced to witness a merciless shooting during which a man was killed,” Prime Minister Ulf Christerson told TV4 about the latest bloody incident. “These mindless killers will not stop shooting each other and shooting others until we stop them,” he added.

“This is not Sweden, it is not the way Sweden is supposed to be,” Social Democrat leader Magdalena Andersson told a press conference.

Anderson, who lost last year’s election in part because voters disapproved of her government’s ability to tackle crime, had called on the prime minister to change the law to allow the military to help police fight gangs. “The patrol carried out by the police could be carried out by the army. In addition, the army has the expertise with which it could help,” he had said.

Police estimate that nearly 30,000 people in Sweden are directly involved in or have ties to gang crime. Violence has also spread from large urban areas to smaller towns where violent crime was once rare. In 2022, Sweden recorded 391 shooting incidents, of which 62 were fatal.

Source: News Beast

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