The arrivals of tourists in Paros are on a spectacular rise

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Paros continues the rise in arrivals, with significant performance of the island even in the air arrivals in May, where according to official data, 13,094 visitors arrived on the island in 261 flights, while in the corresponding month of 2019 they had reached 8,319 visitors in 178 flights.

As it is pointed out, the increase is very spectacular and reaches 60% for the arrived tourists and 46% for the arrived flights compared to 2019, while compared to 2021, which was also a successful year, the increase reaches 129%.

It is recalled that the ferry arrivals in May exceeded the corresponding ones of the same month of 2019 by 7%, at the same time that even the increase of 22% of private cars indicates an intention to stay longer, which is an important requirement to judge a tourist year. succesful.

Specifically, according to data from the Paros Port Authority, 46,495 people, 4,476 cars, 1,216 trucks and 968 two-wheelers arrived on the island in May 2022, compared to 43,516 people, 3,604 cars, 970 trucks and 941 two-wheelers that arrived in May. of 2019.

In a recent statement to the Athens News Agency, the Mayor of Paros, Markos Kovaios, had stressed that “the results we have so far in terms of attendance and bookings mean that the efforts we have made throughout the previous period were efficient and fully targeted. We emphasized alternative options of the island which are the “key” both for the extension of the tourist season and for its quality upgrade “.

Source: AMPE


Source: Capital

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