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The Association of Companies of the Port of Seville appoints Augusto Jannone as president

The entity strengthens its structure and activity with the creation of the figure of manager, a position that will be held by the journalist Siman Onrubia


ProSevillaPort, Association for the Promotion of Port of Seville, has elected as the new president Augusto Jannone, a businessman dedicated to the wholesale trade of wood and steel pipes through the group that bears his surname and also president of the Italian Chamber of Seville.

In parallel, the association has created the figure of manager in order to strengthen its structure and activity. The position will be filled Siman Onrubia, founding partner of the B2B consulting firm Comunicación and former director of the newspaper EXPANSIà in Andalusia and former head of the Economics section of EL MUNDO Andalusia.

In representation of different companies and institutions, the board of directors is completed by Juan Josa Porras (GRI); Enrique Aguayo (Molisur); Carlos Jimà © nez (Suardiaz); Pedro Sanchez Cuerda (La Raza Group); Alfonso Fernandez (Carbon Port); Fernando Muaoz (Containerships); and Ãngel Pulido and Manuel Gonzalez, both from the Seville Port Authority.

The Port of Seville is one of the great economic lungs of the province and the two hundred companies located in the enclosure and its area of ​​influence have a turnover of more than 1,100 million euros. This figure represents 3% of the provincial Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and around 1% of Andalusia. Together, they also generate more than 20,000 jobs, thus becoming one of the main engines of job creation throughout the region.

Augusto Jannone explains that the objective of the association is “to improve competitiveness, boost business and promote the general interests of the Port, as well as of our associates, who are proving that they are an example to follow in a time as complicated as the At ProSevillaPort we want to help them continue generating wealth and quality employment, as they have been doing for decades. ”

The new president of the association emphasizes that the Port of Seville “is living a key moment, with enormous growth prospects and an investment plan of more than 40 million euros that the Port Authority has designed for the period 2020- 2024 to improve infrastructures and for innovation “.

Simón Onrubia expresses himself along the same lines, adding that “the union of all the companies that, directly or indirectly, are related to the Port is essential, seeking synergies between them, for which ProSevillaPort It will offer them a wide catalog of services to facilitate their activity. Likewise, it is essential to give visibility to our companies and the work they are developing; that citizens and institutions know the economic and social importance they represent for the whole from the province”.

Another of ProSevillaPort’s challenges, he adds, is “to promote collaboration between the public and private sectors, a formula that all administrations are promoting and that should be a pillar to reach joint solutions that favor the Port “.

Currently, ProSevillaPort is made up of almost forty partners representing the different sectors that operate in the Sevillian port, from the logistics and industrial fields, through the port activity itself and the traffic of merchandise, leisure and transport. tourism.

Strategic enclave and the only inland port

The Port of Seville is the only inland seaport in Spain. It is located in one of the main metropolitan areas in the country, with more than a million and a half inhabitants in the surrounding area and in the center of the south of the peninsula. It is a completely multimodal port with maritime and land connections and throughout its 850 hectares it has a large area for logistical and industrial development.

It is a strategic enclave for the European Union, since it constitutes a main node of the Core Network and is part of the Mediterranean corridor of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T).

It has five concessioned port terminals and three public docks, more than 4,000 meters of berthing line and a million square meters of warehouses. Likewise, it has an extensive logistics and industrial area already developed and a cruise terminal a few meters from the city center.

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