The at-home diet for you


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“Margo, what would happen if you took your life back?” The mail in my mailbox was not sent by Scientology but by a service of diet at home. They promise to free me from the slavery of shopping and cooking, to make me eat healthily and to earn me 10 hours of my time a week – that is the average time that women take to manage and prepare meals.

The holidays are over, Milan enters and leaves the red zone…. I decided to commit to this new stop forced by sociability to do other than brush up on grandmother’s recipes and put on a couple more kilos: I gave it a try.

I haven’t cooked for a whole week relying on three different ready-to-eat meal services, a liquid detox regimen (and including the dog in the experiment). The goal is to eat better in a healthy and balanced way and to use the microwave right.

I placed orders online, emptied the fridge of temptations, bought 7 Greek yogurts for breakfast and started the science experiment. I tasted the rewarding recipes of Nutribees, made the diet with the daily delivery of Dietitaly, tried to be vegan with the plant based diet of Earth Meals and reset the body with a Baba Juice detox day. Ziva, the dog, devoured the healthy ready meals of LovBau. Six days and 12 meals: on the seventh day I rested, and I ordered at home (pizza and Chinese cuisine).


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