The authors of Battlefield 2042 talk about the new mode: it has a lot of elements from Warzone

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Today, September 14th, DICE has officially unveiled a new mode for Battlefield 2042, dubbed the Hazard Zone (previously the developer introduced All-Out Warfare and Portal). It should be noted right away that this is not a battle royale, since EA decided to abandon it, but the game mechanics and some features of the mode are still similar to Warzone. For example, here the players have a goal not so much to kill the enemy as to survive and not die themselves – this is the main task, which is closely connected with the need to look for crashed satellites with information on a sufficiently large map (there will be 7 options in total).

According to the plot of the regime, in the near future, the United States and Russia use satellites to collect data and scan the terrain, but these satellites are in a low Earth orbit and periodically fall. Accordingly, information from these devices can be taken either by the military (these are bots with artificial intelligence that will interfere with the players), or by the players themselves in teams of 4 people. After receiving valuable data, you need to evacuate – there will be two of them for the whole game, always at different points and under different weather conditions. In fact, this is the battle royale mode, where you also need to survive, only the task of killing enemies to win is not here.

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In addition, the authors announced many interesting mechanics that Warzone fans have known about for a long time. For example, if one of the team members is killed, he remains on the ground and can crawl behind cover to be picked up by teammates. If the player is finished off, then the comrades still have the opportunity to “redeem” a team member using special gadgets on the map. Even a scanner that allows you to find intelligence in the radius was also implemented in the Hazard Zone (in Warzone there is a heartbeat scanner with a similar function, only it is aimed at players, and not at equipment).

On the other hand, there is also an interesting innovation. Playing in the Hazard Zone, gamers accumulate virtual currency, which can only be spent in this mode – before landing on the map, it will be possible to buy weapons, special gadgets, equipment, perks and more, but in case of defeat, all this will be lost. Outside the regime, you cannot use this currency, plus this puts new players at a disadvantage, because they will go to the match without currency and various perks, yielding to more experienced gamers.

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