The background of the piracy of two Greek ships in the Persian Gulf

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A serious diplomatic incident has caused Iran’s move to seize two Greek tankers that were sailing in the Persian Gulf. Tehran describes the act as retaliation for the seizure by the US authorities of Iranian oil carrying a Russian-flagged ship that had been temporarily blocked by Greece in the Karystos sea due to sanctions against Moscow.

The “Revolutionary Guards” claimed responsibility for the violent occupation of the two tankers “due to the violations committed”, but did not elaborate. The Iranian news agency Nour News also notes that Tehran has decided to take “punitive measures” against Greece regarding the seizure by the US of Iranian cargo off the Greek coast.

The Foreign Ministry, in a strong move to the Iranian government, demands the immediate release of the two crews. “These actions will have a particularly negative impact on bilateral relations, as well as on EU-Iran relations. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already briefed the European External Action Service, the International Maritime Organization, as well as Greece’s allies and partners.”

Government sources: We followed the international conventions

The government does not hide their concern about the “piracy” of the two Greek ships and efforts are being made to be informed about the situation of the crews and to end this issue as soon as possible.

Government sources stressed that on April 20, the Department of Justice received a request for legal assistance from US judicial authorities. The request concerned the seizure of oil cargo following a decision issued by a US court. “The transmission of the request is an obligation of the Greek state arising from international agreements signed by our country: agreement of mutual legal assistance between the Greek government and the US government n3771 / 2009, agreement between the EU and the US on mutual legal assistance 25/6 2003 , the UN International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism, ratified by our country in 2002 “is typically mentioned.

The same sources noted that “the legal aid was provided based on the decision of the court. Against this decision no appeal was filed and no suspension or revocation was given by the court”.

How the violent occupation took place

Two helicopters of the Iranian navy landed on two ships of Greek interests “Delta Poseidon” and “Prudent Warrior” which were sailing near the Iranian coast. Armed groups captured a total of 48 people of the two crews, of which 8 are Greek citizens and 1 Cypriot, whom they led to the bridges of the two tankers.

Until late last night, it was not possible to communicate with those responsible for the violent occupation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises Greek citizens to avoid traveling to Iran and calls on Greek-flagged ships sailing to the region to follow the instructions of the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy, with which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in close coordination and constant communication.

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