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The Balenciaga towel: now there are those who offer the low cost version

Pungent and sometimes so unexpected as to leave you speechless, the british humour it can strike in the most disparate forms and anyone can be under the crosshairs of this sharp irony: even fashion is not exempt from it and, in fact, it is the latest “victim” of English humour.

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It’s impossible not to have thought about the recent one these days complaints who invested – coincidentally – Balenciaga and the latest object of desire created by its creative director Demna: there towel skirt. A skirt made with a towel – or even vice versa for those who prefer to see it the other way around – and its price is well €695 they have once again inflamed social media and revived the atavistic question of luxury and its anything but democratic prices.

The Balenciaga Towel Skirt

The story could be resolved – and in the end it is – as yet another stunt aimed at desacralizing fashion, but this time, as a panacea to calm things down, English humor slips in, to be precise that of IKEA UK which, unexpectedly, offers a low cost version of the much talked about outfit (which, who knows, maybe will be able to please everyone).

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Among the glass glasses and piles of packages full of kitchen tools, the Swedish giant presents: «VINARN Towel Skirt. An essential fashion item for Spring 2024″ as we read in the post published on Instagram. However, what interests fashion addicts, and not only them, is the price of the item, decidedly lower than that of the luxury brand. To have the designer towel skirt Ikea Indeed only 16 pounds are enough, while in Italy you have to “fork out” €15.

Could it be a sort of revenge on the part of the furniture giant against the Georgian designer, “guilty” of having revived the iconic blue Ikea maxi-shopper in a more luxurious version for almost 2,000 dollars? In any case, Ikea’s irony and wit, capable of riding a trend in a brilliant and intelligent way, should be rewarded more than ever.

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