The “Ball” that made everything rivers, Captain Kirk’s space travel and sunbathing in oil

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The lens of the world’s photographers captured some of the most important events that unfolded in recent days around the world. The most representative images of the week always have the following components: Colors, passion, tears, effort, survival, joy, pain and that does not change.

This is because if a picture is worth a thousand words then you certainly do not need many words for the pictures below. In the snapshots that follow, then, they are condensed what happened to the world last week.

See how his camera lens recorded Associated Press the events that happened in the world in the last seven days.

Athens, Greece: Ballos made everything a river

The bad weather Ballos hit half of Greece hard, costing the life of a man while leaving behind cities and rivers. Heavy storms and a lot of rain flooded roads, resulting in traffic disruption even on main roads, but also Kifissos inflated dangerously leading to emergency measures such as the night traffic ban on the boulevard.

Snapshots from the bad weather Ballos

However, the images from the bus that has “drowned” from the water under a bridge on Poseidonos Avenue are also made around the world. The passengers managed to get out creating a chain and walking in stagnant water and the water reached almost to their knees. While after a while the vehicle was found almost completely under water.

Texas, USA: Captain Kirk is back in space

William Sutner in space

90-year-old William Sutner, who played the legendary Governor Kirk in Star Trek, has returned to the space that made him famous. New Origin’s automated New Shepherd spacecraft was launched about 10 minutes before 6pm today from a rural area in western Texas and crossed the Carman Line, which, 100 kilometers from Earth, is the “border” of space.

California: Sunbathing in… oil

Citizens sunbathe

California authorities have been trying for days to clear the sea and shores of the huge oil spill created by the spill of 3,000 barrels of oil. The oil spill covers about 13 square miles in the Pacific Ocean. However, this does not seem to discourage some who continue their sunbathing while experts are trying to restore the shores to their previous state.

Mountain Sorte, Venezuela: Ceremonies resume after covid break

Ceremony in Venezuela

Followers of the goddess Maria Lionza perform a ritual on Mount Sorte in the Venezuelan state of Yaracuy, early Tuesday, October 12, 2021, a year after the cancellation of the annual pilgrimage due to COVID-19 restrictions. Along with Santeria, Venezuela is home to other popular religions, such as the sect that surrounds the Indian goddess Maria Lionza, an indigenous woman traditionally born on Mount Sorte and whose cult has spread to Colombia, Panama, and Panama. Rico, the Dominican Republic and Central America.

Louisiana, USA: Traveling Out of Texas for Abortion

Girl with arms crossed

A 33-year-old mother of three from central Texas is waiting to get all the paperwork from medical staff to leave after an abortion at the Hope Medical Group for Women in Shreveport, Louisiana. The woman was one of twelve patients who arrived at the clinic, mostly from Texas, where the country’s most restrictive abortion law still applies.

Kabul, Afghanistan: Suitcases ready and always on hand

A baby in a hammock

A child sleeps in a hammock next to the suitcases of the Javed family in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Despite the family’s unsuccessful attempt to leave Afghanistan after the arrival of the Taliban, he always has two suitcases full of clothes and their ownership documents ready.

Maine, USA: When the weather is good

Beautiful backdrop in Maine

When the weather wants and the photographer is alert then the result can be riveting. Fog in the valley ripples over the autumnal hills near Picket Hill Farm. The farm complex was built in the 1830s.

California, USA: Eyes on the target

Tennis ball before serving

Spaniard Pedro Martinez serves Stefanos Tsitsipas in the Indian Wells tennis tournament. The Greek tennis player advanced to the quarterfinals against the background of the cup.

Kathmandu, Nepal: Battle for Marijuana Return

Man smokes marijuana

A Hindu smokes marijuana in the courtyard of the Pashupatinath temple during the Shivratri festival in Kathmandu, Nepal. Widespread marijuana once attracted thousands of hippies in Nepal, where its use was not only accepted but incorporated into both culture and religion. But the country followed other nations that banned marijuana in the late 1970s and drove away hippies that came by bus from Europe and the United States. Half a century later, activists are seeking to re-legalize agriculture, the use and export of marijuana as more countries allow its medicinal and recreational uses.

London, England: The moment of the climax

Deer in the forest

An awesome frame was captured by photographer Matt Dunham in London showing a red deer at its peak. Autumn is their breeding season and these scenes are common in places like Bush Park.

Kansas, USA: The lonely walk in the calm waters

Man on a pad in Kansas

A man took advantage of the good weather and went for a walk with his shoulder in the calm waters of Lake Shawnee in Cannes, USA. And who would not take such a walk if he had the time anyway?

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