The Barcelona City Council requests the pardon for Pablo Hasel with division in the Government of Ada Colau and the PSC

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The plenary session of Barcelona’s town hall ask the government of Pedro Sánchez who processes the pardon of rapper Pablo Hasel, sentenced to nine months in prison for the crimes of glorifying terrorism and insults against Corona and the institutions of Condition.

The proposition of Barcelona in Common, which also demanded the repeal of the gag law and urged the Catalan Parliament To review the autonomous police model, it has received the favorable votes of Esquerra Republicana and Junts per Catalunya and has caused a division with its partner in the municipal Executive, the PSC, who voted against it.

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The Socialists, for their part, have presented another proposal that asked to condemn and reject “without nuances” the altercations in the protests for the imprisonment of the musician, support the commercial and business fabric of the city, defend the freedom of expression and recognize the task of public services. The text has also been approved with the votes of Ciudadanos, PP and Barcelona for Change [el partido de Manuel Valls], abstention from common and Junts and the contrary vote of ERC, which has claimed “to make politics in capitals”, beyond the sentences, to analyze the reasons for the mobilizations.

In the plenary, which has rejected three proposals related to the disturbances of the last days presented by Cs, PP and BCN Canvi, the divergence between municipal groups and within the local government regarding this matter has been evidenced, despite the unanimous condemnation of the violence and the looting in some shops. The socialist Jaume Collboni, First Deputy Mayor, and Jordi MartÃ, Councilor for the Presidency, have led a discussion from you to you about this issue. “The left is to go to the causes of the problems, while the right appeals more to the stomach than to reason”, has defended the representative of BComú, to which the leader of the PSC has replied: “The socialists were 40 Years of listening to CiU say what it was to be good or bad Catalans, please don’t tell us now what it is to be a good or bad progressive “.

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The one who used the most energetic tone during the session was Valls. “Change Hasel’s name to a Islamist radical or a neo-nazi. Is it freedom of expression? Is not a hate crime”, has exemplified the former French Prime Minister in one of his speeches.

Rejection of the roadmap

Before the debate on freedom of expression and the altercations, Mayor Ada Colau has seen how all the opposition political groups rejected her Municipal Action Program (PAM), the document that plans the main projects of the local government. It was precisely in the previous mandate when the bipartisan common and the PSC became the first Executive to which the plenary session of the City Council did not approve the PAM since it began to be developed at the end of the 90s. Not having this tool is not a practical setback, but it shows problems in reaching alliances with the rest of the groups, something that was common in the previous mandate .

Thus, despite the rejection, Martà has said that they will use the document as a roadmap until the year 2023 and has ugly Esquerra that he has not supported it, contrary to what happened with the last two budgets of the Consistory: “It seems that you are more aware of the negotiation to form a Government of the Generalitat with Junts, whom they don’t want to bother. “The Republican councilor Jordi Coronas has refused to endorse “a vague PAM and little transgressor with the establishment that prioritized that there should not be a pro-independence mayor in Barcelona [por Ernest Maragall, ganador de las elecciones de 2019]”.

At the beginning of the plenary session municipal Council the annual debate on the state of the city has been held, in which opposition groups have reproached the Colau Cabinet for its management during the pandemic of the coronavirus. “The extreme left that has governed for six years has left Barcelona in the bones,” accused the president of Ciudadanos en el Consistorio, Guilarte Light.

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