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The battle continues with the flames that are burning areas in southern Albania

Dozens of military personnel and firefighters continued efforts yesterday to extinguish the fires that have been burning since the beginning of the week in southern Albania, near the Greek border, as reported by the Ministry of Defense. One person was arrested yesterday morning and is facing criminal charges for “intentional arson”, announced the Minister of the Interior Tauland Bala. Fires were brought under control yesterday Monday evening, but the very high temperatures and the wind are making the work of the firefighting forces difficult near the villages of Dropoul (Dropoli) and Finik (Finiki), according to the announcement of the Ministry of Defense. Defense Minister Nikos Pelesi uploaded footage from the operations to Facebook. “A Cougar helicopter and approximately thirty members of our armed forces resumed (yesterday) morning operations to extinguish the fire raging in villages around Dropul,” he wrote. According to an announcement by the Albanian police, in one month criminal charges were brought against 17 people for arson with intent in Albania, at […]
Source: News Beast

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