The beauty love at first sight: the retinol serum that acts at night

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This is perhaps the best time to start treatment retinol, the star ingredient in cosmetics that stimulates cell renewal and counteracts the most superficial wrinkles, giving the skin a much smoother and more uniform appearance. The sun is the enemy of skin sensitized by vitamin A, which is why you can try it now, but always with caution: retinol at night and UV protection during the day.

The new serum Isdinceutics Retinal Intensechosen for the cover beauty of the new Vanity Fair on newsstands, it acts at night with a double action: it renews and repairs exactly as the restorative power of sleep does on the mind. It is a serum biphasic which combines the effectiveness of 0.1% Retinaldehyde, a substance capable of accelerating skin renewal, with calming active ingredients: bakuchiol, an ingredient of natural origin with properties similar to retinol, Vit-A-Tech which stimulates cell regeneration of the epidermis and the reduction of wrinkles, melatonin, with an antioxidant action and the Soothing Complex with niacinamide which helps to repair the skin gently, minimizing the sensation of dryness and promoting a healthy and hydrated appearance. The different textures are mixed only at the time of application.

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It takes at least a month to see the first results, the period of natural “retinization” of the skin which also serves to evaluate any side effects. It is applied to a clean, dry face avoiding the eye contour and mucous membranes, with a recommendation: if you have never used retinoids, it should be managed gradually.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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