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The best boss! He allows his employee to take her daughter to work to prevent her from quitting

The best boss!  He allows his employee to take her daughter to work to prevent her from quitting

In Mexico it is quite common for mothers to be the only support for their children, which forces them to make many sacrifices to get them ahead. Among them, finding someone to take care of them during their working hours. Sadly though, despite being much needed by single moms it is not a cheap service.

It is no mystery to anyone that most companies do not have alternatives for women who face this problem, even instead of helping them they put more weight on their shoulders, because many times it is a reason to fire them.

This is why the story of Luis Ricardo RuizBigPrint business owner, located in Guasave, Sinaloa, quickly went viral on Facebook after sharing that he allowed one of his employees to take her daughter when she had nowhere to leave her to prevent her from resigning.

Vianey is Rosita’s daughter, in recent days, she has come to visit us daily, because Rosita has a hard time who takes care of her. She wanted to quit for that reason, but I told her not to leave her because of that, that she could bring her to Bigprint whenever she wanted.

Luis’s act was so benevolent and supportive that it was immediately filled with comments praising his work for the measure he took. The majority, alluding to how rare it is to find a boss like him:

‘Blessed sir who feels empathy for the girl, many congratulations.’ ‘I wish other people were like you.’ ‘May we find many bosses like you!’

In addition, Rosita’s boss shared some snapshots with the new member of the premises, in which they can be seen very happy in the company of the little girl. Finally, Ricardo made a new publication, where he said he was very surprised with the reaction of the people:

I am enormously surprised because Rosita’s post went viral. We never did it with that intention. But hopefully it will serve to motivate other people to do the same and support our collaborators a little more. We all work so that our children do not lack anything, but in the end they lack us, because we get stuck in work without being able to enjoy them. Blessings to all for your good vibes.

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