The best cards with discounts to go on sale

It is a season of sales and the different establishments are filled with posters announcing succulent discounts. But it's not just stores that lower their prices. Some banks, through their cards, also offer benefits on purchases.


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The January sales are here and this year they will be the most digital in history. In the middle of the third wave of the coronavirus and with the capacity, surface and schedule restrictions that currently exist, one of the main options for consumers to take advantage of the sales is online shopping. In fact, four out of ten Spaniards claim to buy more online now than before the pandemic, according to an Ipsos report from October 2020.

But stores are not the only ones offering discounts on their products. There are many banks that, through their cards, offer discounts and refunds to get up to 15 euros of additional savings for every 100 euros in purchases, according to financial comparator These are the best cards with which to get interesting discounts on online purchases and at street level to make the most of the sales.

Cards with discounts in stores

It is not always easy to obtain the discounts offered by banks. Sometimes they have such specific conditions and requirements that meeting them to get the discount is not worth it. For this reason, the HelpMyCash comparator has analyzed the current discounts that banks offer with their cards, highlighting those that are easier to apply and with cards with no annual fees or hardly any connection.

One of the credit cards without annual fees, without having to change banks to get it and whose discounts are applied automatically is the WiZink Plus credit card. Offers a 3% refund in stores like Stradivarius, Zara, Mango, Primark, H&M and Cortefiel, among other. In addition, it will not be necessary to pay in installments to get the discount. The only thing you have to do is, when hiring it, select “fashion” as one of the two categories on which we want to obtain the bonus. This card too offers 30 euros as a gift to new customers that make purchases for a total amount of 300 euros or more during the first three months and allows financing of three-month purchases without interest.

ING also offers a 5% discount through Asos on brands such as Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s or Calvin Klein and 10% on Women’Secret and Springfield with your ING debit card, which we can obtain with your Payroll Account and without annual costs. To access the discounts, you simply have to open, through its Shopping Naranja program, the links of the store where you want to buy and obtain the discount that will be applied automatically.

With the same simple operation is the Openbank OpenDebit Debit card, which does not have maintenance fees and we can get it with a free account without payroll. In addition to continuous promotions, it allows you to get discounts of up to 15% in Women’Secret, Springfield, Pedro del Hierro and Cortefiel, among others, as well as 10% in Booking, Barceló or Weekendesk. As with ING, you simply have to open the link to the store from our user in online banking. If you also take out your OpenCredit credit card, you can currently get a 10% refund for purchases over 60 euros that decide to pay in installments until January 25. To enjoy this campaign you just have to sign up with the code POSTPONED20.

The great advantage of these discounts, in addition to the additional savings to the discounts that can be obtained, is that to obtain them the conditions and requirements are simple.

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