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The best employee! He received a $10,000 bonus for always arriving at work early.

The best employee!  He received a ,000 bonus for always arriving at work early.

Motivations like this are needed by all of us. Recently, Khoury Booze, an employee at one of the branches of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), located in Macon Georgia, received a bonus of nothing more and nothing less than ten thousand dollars for not being absent or late for work. We want to live that dream!

And it is that despite the difficulties of the pandemic, this employee was never absent or late for work, throughout 2021. In addition, his great performance was another of the requirements to earn this bonus.

According to his boss, Cristina, Khoury is a very responsible, cooperative and willing employee. No one more than him deserved this bonus, as she claims that he is so helpful that you don’t need to tell him what he has to do.

For his part, Khoury told the local media 13WMAZ that receiving this incentive was a real surprise. In addition, she said that she plans to use it to repair her car so she can travel with her family for a well-deserved vacation. Later, Khoury took advantage of the interview to give some advice to the people who are joining a work team.

If you got the job, keep it, work and save your money.

We believe, you will not let us lie, dear readers, that this type of incentive achieves its goal: to make employees more open and have a better attitude, because it is not enough for the boss to say at each meeting: “We are a great family.” Or if?

Some time ago, we also heard the story of a businesswoman who gave her employees a trip to the place they wanted, with all expenses paid, including plane tickets, as thanks for the goals achieved in the company, a reward for everything effort or possible stress.

However, sadly, there are companies that do not consider it necessary to reward their workers to encourage them, because they consider that “that is what they are paid for”, but it is worth mentioning that some of the great business leaders have implemented different types of awards or bonuses. Such is the case of the CEO and owner of FloraCraftLee Schoenherr, who wanted to reward his employees with an extra incentive for Christmas.

Due to the good results that the company obtained due to his team, Lee decided to distribute four million dollars divided among the entire workforce, so that each employee received approximately 20 thousand dollars.

We really want our beloved readers to live an experience similar to Khoury’s or that, if they do get a raise, it will be salary and not work. Whoops!

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