The best Italian travel influencers on Instagram

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The travel industry has many influencers, very different from each other. Some prefer to tell about extreme adventures experienced in the most remote places in the world, others encourage local tourism by telling the places to visit within the borders. A broad microcosm in which photos clearly win over videos, with extensive use of drones and professional cameras that increase the quality of the storytelling.

To take care of this lucky category of instagrams Buzzoole thought about it again to analyze the performances of Italian travel influencers with their “Buzzoole Rankings». The analysis of the influencer marketing platform was based on the performances obtained by the creators who published at least 10 posts during the month of May 2021. Two rankings were drawn up: that of «Star», with at least 100,000 followers, and of «Rising Star», with less than 100,000. The rankings were sorted according to the Engagement metric per post, i.e. the interactions obtained with respect to the total number of posts published in the analyzed month and the rankings were not considered. celeb of cinema, television, sports, etc. Below we reveal the winners to whom we asked where their post-pandemic travels and the feelings of being able to return to travel freely have focused.

Luca and Alessandro, @the_globbers, have obtained the gold medal in the ranking of the best Italian travel influencers with more than 100,000 followers. Full-time travelers, accomplices in adventures and in life, they have a great passion for travel and photography. On their Instagram profile they got 11,400 interactions on average compared to posts published in May. “Something began to move massively with the arrival of spring for us. The work and travel projects have begun to multiply visibly and this has left us extremely happy but also suddenly smoothed by a rhythm of life and work to which we have not been used for a long time. We quickly resumed our old habits and at the moment we traveled to Italy, especially Sicily and the north. Now we are finishing our trip between Spain and Portugal and in the coming months we will continue to mark several countries abroad, always within Europe. Let’s not hide the fact that we really miss being able to take a plane to reach distant destinations ».

Gianluca Gotto, writer and traveler who has made freedom his lifestyle, ranks second. In the month analyzed, his Instagram profile @ gianluca.gotto recorded an average of 11,300 interactions on average compared to published posts. «Claudia and I have never stopped traveling. Last year, when the pandemic broke out in March, we were in Koh Chang (Thailand): we had to stay 10 days, in the end we lived there for six months enjoying a wonderful island almost all to ourselves. When we returned to Europe we first traveled to Portugal by van and then we did the coast to coast of Costa Rica by 4WD. The last trip before returning to Italy was Mexico, where there was and there is no entry requirement. Now we are in Bali: to come here, however, a rather complicated procedure is required, because the island is open only to those with a special visa. When we return to travel in complete freedom, we will do so with more gratitude. This forced break will make the journey an even more intense experience than before ».

Complete the podium, in third place, the @takemyhearteverywhere profile of Francesca and Tommaso that, with their travels imprinted in shots rich in contrast and depth, they have conquered 10,700 interactions averages per post in May. «The return to the journey was a real liberation, an injection of optimism and hope, a hymn to life and freedom. We preferred trips to Italy: the Val d’Orcia in July, the Ligurian Riviera di Levante and Versilia in August. Then Langhe, Roero and Monferrato in September and again Trentino and the Prosecco Hills in October. Our (re) discovery of Italy is continuing this year as well, since we have already visited other valleys in Trentino, we have entered the Emilian hills and will soon be exploring some areas of Calabria and Campania. Our return outside the national borders could take place at the beginning of September, with a tour of the Greek islands ».

In fourth place is Giulia Woergartner, aka Giulia from the Dolomites. The girl with the yellow jacket, photographer and videomaker, on her Instagram profile @giuligartner, in May of this year obtained 7,300 interactions on average per post. She too, like most travelers, rediscovered Italy immediately after the lockdown: «For my first trip I chose Tuscany, with its hills and cypress trees that are a delight for every photographer. The second stop was Chamonix with its magical mountains. Today I went back to travel abroad, but I realized that you don’t have to travel far to take wonderful photos because we have all the nature in front of us ».

Closes the top 5 The Miljian, a family that since 2017 has embarked on an incredible journey into the world that has obtained with the Instagram profile @likemiljian 7,200 interactions in the media.

At the top of the ranking of the best travel influencers with less than 100,000 followers there is Ester Turri, a photography enthusiast who uses her Instagram @ e.stis profile as a travel diary, sharing precious shots from all over the world. In the month analyzed, it recorded an average of 5,400 interactions per post.

On the second we find Gianluca Cocquio, passionate about “uncomfortable journeys” who last autumn decided to embark on a 1,200 km journey through Italy riding his grandfather’s non-professional bike. In May on his Instagram profile @gianlucocq he obtained 4,200 interactions on average compared to the posts published.

Third position for Geneva Iorio who, from the year of study abroad, to the experience on the Canary Islands, shares her best experiences on her Instagram profile. In the month analyzed, it obtained 3,600 interactions on average compared to the posts published.

Fourth position for Elisa and Luca, couple traveling to discover unusual accommodations to sleep in, stylish resorts and boutique hotels. A continuous journey told on the Instagram profile @miprendoemiportovia, which in the month analyzed obtained an average 2,900 interactions compared to published posts.

Fifth and last position in the ranking for Francesco Capaccioni, with his Instagram profile @kdallasteppa which collects his shots in which, in addition to landscapes, he often adds a human figure, allowing the viewer to identify with the moment. In May, it had an average of 2,800 interactions per post.

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