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The best steakhouses in Italy: here is the 2022 ranking

The number one rule for a more sustainable future is to start eat meat with more conscience: this means less, but better. Possibly from non-intensive farms, controlled and even cooked properly. As it happens, for example, a The Braseria in Osio Sotto, in the province of Bergamowhich has just been elected best italian steakhouse from Ember me againthe largest digital network on the world of meat.

Twenty-one bracerie scattered throughout Italy have been selected according to the criteria of “Excellence, Research and Quality” to be included in the ranking coordinated by Michael Ruschioni, journalist and founder of Braciamiancora. «We have decided to make public the parameters with which we have drawn up the ranking, which is unusual when rankings between restaurants are made. Among the main elements is the philosophy that pushes a restaurant to choose one meat reference rather than another, we then looked for innovative ideas in interpreting the carnivorous menu that would find public approval », he explained. «Particular attention was then paid to the cooking devices used, to the quality of the coal or wood chosen to make the embers, and to the chefs’ ability to perform perfect cooking, to the richness of the cellar. A precise focus was then turned to the knives with which customers can cut their beloved steaks. For carnivores the knife has a fundamental importance».

The result is twenty-one addresses that confirm how successful the quality steakhouse concept has been. Lombardy, with six award-winning restaurants, is the region that takes the richest haul, followed by Campania and Lazio. The surprise comes from the small Sicilian island of Panarea, off the coast of Messina, where the restaurant da Antonio Il Macellaio is placed in tenth place. Here are the other steakhouses included in the Braciamiancora ranking:

The Braseria – Osio Sotto (Bergamo)

Martina dall’Oglio

A place where the chef Patron Luca Brasi makes great research of the raw material, which he then treats with skill. The restaurant it also has an “on the road” version, which prepares excellent hamburger sandwiches.

The Two Cippi – Saturnia (Grosseto)

A restaurant which carries on the tradition of family hospitality, offering a selection of extraordinary meats from the best farms in the world.

Bifro – Turin

@eli nec ila

The Bifro it is the realm of Roberto Pintadu, who offers any type of meat – very high quality ourché – grilled. A true temple for lovers of the genre.

Trattoria dall’Oste – Florence

There Trattoria dall’Oste it is the best steakhouse in a city that has the culture of quality meat in its blood. Here, twelve different types of beef are offered to customers, aged and matured to bring out the best steaks.

Braceria Bifulco – Ottaviano (Naples)

This barbecue in the province of Naples he prepares the meat chosen by Luciano, fourth generation butcher, meat expert, selector, breeder and grill master.

The Pantry of San Felice (San Felice del Benaco – Brescia)

A restaurant colorful and cheerful, where Michele Bontempi carries on his father Roberto’s passion for good things, including meat.

Via di Guinceri restaurant – Livorno

A typical Tuscan cuisine restaurant, where therefore meat can only play a fundamental role.

The Brazier of Eraclea – Eraclea (Venice)

A beautiful trattoria born in an old farmhouse that offers regional cuisine with particular attention to grilled meat, so much so that it can also deliver dry-aged ribs for barbecues in the garden.

Antica Trattoria del Reno – Bologna

L’Antica Trattoria del Reno offers an authentic «meat experience», with a totally grilled menu (there are even some small vegetable choices, but always cooked on hot coals).

From Antonio the Butcher – Panarea (Messina)

The only steakhouse in the Aeolian Islands, which has transformed the sale of meat into a tasty restaurant proposal.

Varrone Grill – Milan

There barbecue di Massimo Minutelli was born from his authentic passion for quality meat from all over the world, which he brings to this trendy Milanese restaurant.

Asina Luna – Peschiera Borromeo (Milan)

A nice restaurantwith young staff and a very well-kept atmosphere, obviously specialized in grilled meat.

Donato the Butcher (Salerno)

The “meat bistro” di Donato il macellaio is the result of an experience in the meat sector that has been going on for two generations, and which today has also been transformed into a restaurant proposal.

Beef Bazaar – Rome

The Beef Bazaar in the Prati area in Rome is a project that demonstrates obsessive attention to beef, with a selection of the best cuts around and great attention to every detail.

Braceria Era Ora – Vasto (Chieti)

We pass naturally from Wagyu to arrosticini (handmade, also with liver) to Braceria It was timewhich has only one rule: quality meat, and grilled.

Dupon Meat House – Monterotondo (Rome)

Young, informal, but very serious in terms of raw materials: the Dupon Meat House also offers the «Aperibrace» and a series of delicious sandwiches.

Da Lina 1905 – Stimigliano (Rieti)

The name is that of Grandma Linawho has taught four different generations to cook the typical dishes of the Sabina cuisine, including grilled meat.

Uncle Barrett – Bussi sul Tirino (Pescara)

The Uncle Barrett he offers a series of meats that he matures, and naturally prepares them on the grill. A destination for lovers of the genre, who find meat for their teeth here.

Osteria Da.Ma – Brebbia (Varese)

A rustic tavernwith a brazier in plain sight and a maturation display case that already lets you guess what we will eat: meat and more meat, accompanied by cold cuts and cheeses and some traditional dishes.

Artisan in Willow – Voghera (Pavia)

A modern restaurantwith a cocktail bar and a choice of original meat dishes (in addition to the grilled classics): there is also, for example, the Japanese wagyu nighiri.

Greedy Customs – Caserta

A classic steak housewhere the selection and preparation of the meat is done with great skill.

Source: Vanity Fair

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