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The Biden-Erdogan meeting is “in the air” after the aid package to Israel

The Erdogan-Biden meeting is in the air according to opposition media in Turkey. As the correspondent of the Open in Turkey reports, the possible cancellation is due to the 26 billion that the USA gave as support to Israel. So far there has been no official announcement from the Turkish side, and no denial either. At the same time, the reactions to the Erdoğan – Haniya meeting, in the presence of Turkish Foreign Minister Ibrahim Kalin, continue. The publicizing of the meeting comes at a time when Hamas is reportedly looking for a new headquarters, as it wants to leave Qatar, while it is seen as a direct challenge to Israel and the US. President Erdoğan stated that Israel will one day definitely pay for the oppression against the Palestinians, that Turkey will continue to talk about the massacres in Gaza at all forums, and that all efforts are being made to establish an independent Palestinian state, which is the key to regional peace and establishment […]
Source: News Beast

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