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“The Big Cigar”: miniseries about the Black Panthers gets trailer

The miniseries “The Big Cigar” got its first trailer and promises to tell the true story behind the escape of Huey P. Newton — one of the founders of Black Panther Party in the US — to Cuba in the 1970s.

Production arrives at Apple TV+ on May 17th.

Starring André Holland as Black Panther leader Huey P. Newton, the miniseries is executive produced by Janine Sherman Barrois, Jim Hecht and Joshuah Bearman. The first two episodes were directed and produced by Don Cheadle.

With six episodes, the series is based on the magazine article by journalist Joshuah Bearman that bears the same name as the production. The plot will tell the true story of Huey P. Newton's escape to Cuba after being accused of a murder, involving the production of a fake film and a hunt for the activist across the country.

Check out the trailer for “The Big Cigar”:

Source: CNN Brasil

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