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The biggest virtual war ever: Battlefield 2042 is out on PC and consoles

Many were sure that this would not happen, but Battlefield 2042 today, November 19, still went to release on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S – fans of large-scale battles have the opportunity to fight in the world of the near future. … The developers have really worked hard to create the most ambitious battles in the modern video game market, and thereby completely distance themselves from the former closest competitor in the face of Call of Duty. Now these are radically different shooters, and EA believes that their approach will appeal more to the audience of fans of “shooters” – Battlefield 2042 provides more options for tactics.

The maps in the new part of the popular shooter are really huge, they are very detailed and roughly comparable to the maps of some royal battles. You can run around buildings and inside them, fly an airplane across a huge map, shoot from a tank, make ambushes and wait for the enemy, fight in a team or in splendid isolation. The developers have abandoned the division into classes, so that now everyone in the game can perform a useful role, carry any weapon, change its attachment right in the course of the battle and, of course, capture zones to get points. The basis of the gameplay of the series has not changed, just Battlefield 2042 looks much more beautiful and modern.

At the same time, the developers refused the royal battle – it will not be in the game, you don’t even need to wait. And during the beta test, it turned out, which took place a month before the release, it turned out that the game was extremely unprepared for launch. There were many bugs, there was no sound, and so on, but the authors of the project promised to fix all this and referred to an early build. We can only hope that, as a result, fans of the franchise will receive a finished high-quality release that they want to play for the next couple of years.

Battlefield 2042 в Steam, Origin и Epic Games Store.

Battlefield 2042 в PS Store.

Battlefield 2042 в Microsoft Store.

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