Home Finance The Block: DeFi Protocols Surpassed $ 170 Million In February

The Block: DeFi Protocols Surpassed $ 170 Million In February

The Block: Defi Protocols Surpassed $ 170 Million In February

February turned out to be very successful for the decentralized finance industry – the profits of the DeFi protocols reached a record high and exceeded $ 170 million.

According to analysts at The Block, at the moment DeFi protocols have made a profit of $ 171.5 million, which is 14.4% more than in January, when for the whole month the profit was $ 149.9 million.

The Uniswap platform remains the leader in terms of profit – it accounts for 43.6% of the total industry profit ($ 74.74 million). The second place was taken by the SushiSwap exchange with 20.9% ($ 36.04 million), and the Compound protocol closes the top three with 15.9% ($ 27.43 million). Interestingly, February was a record profit for all decentralized protocols, with the exception of Balancer.

At the same time, profits are mainly distributed between creditors and liquidity providers. Also, a significant part of the profit was received by the owners of the protocols, including developers and holders of significant volumes of tokens. Participants of referral programs received the smallest part of the profit. This is due to the fact that not all protocols have such programs.

Recall that in mid-February, the total trading volume on the Uniswap exchange exceeded $ 100 billion.

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