The blood moon is about to illuminate the night sky this October: We tell you what it is and when to see it

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There is something about the change in color of the moon and its alignment with the sun that even if they are momentary, they make us feel special and can be the perfect time to recharge ourselves with good energy. This October, the night sky will be illuminated by a shower of stars and the famous blood moon.

In the next two weeks, the moon will have a partial eclipse, where the Earth will block direct radiation from the sun, making it much darker. Due to the suspended particles that will be present around the atmosphere, the moon will take on a coppery, almost red hue.

Solar eclipses only occur during a full moon, when it is between the Earth and the sun and these, like the machinery of a clock, align perfectly to create an effect of colors like no other. According to experts, light never actually touches the moon, it is simply filtered by the Earth’s atmosphere.

According to different historians and astronomers, the blood moon is called this way since the time of King Herod, who ruled Perea and Galilee, in Israel, under Roman approval in 4 BC According to history, he was married to Herodias, who had a daughter from another marriage named Salomé, who had a unique beauty and was very seductive.

blood Moon

On the king’s birthday, Salomé danced the Dance of the Seven Veils for him and he soon fell in love with her, so he told her that he would grant her whatever she wanted, thinking that the girl would want her white swans, thousands of jewels or even half of his kingdom. However, Salome asked for the head of John the Baptist. After much hesitation, the king handed it to him on a silver tray.

That day, the moon was dyed red and a total eclipse darkened the entire sky of Israel. Since then, eclipses, both partial and total, are commonly known as “blood moons.” Many believe that this moon is the brightest and largest of all. However, experts say that it is just a myth.

meteor shower

Be that as it may, this incredible astronomical event will be the second of its kind in the year and you will be able to enjoy a reddish night sky on October 20. In addition, on the 21st and 22nd of this month there will be a shower of Orionid stars, as Halley’s Comet will make its remnants shine, causing the Earth to cross the debris left by it.

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