«The Bodyguard», are we ready for the remake?

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After the holograms, the organization of tours, with a digital image to replace the stage presence of Whitney Houston, the remake. Warner Bros., according to what reported by Variety, would be ready to produce a contemporary version of The Bodyguard. What is meant by “contemporary” is not clear. the details on the project, which several screenwriters have been working on for years, are few. The film should be inspired by the 1992 original, which seems to leave room for the creation of new dynamics.

New music and, perhaps, new characters.

Although the cast has not yet been confirmed, it seems that several couples have already been examined by the producers. Between these, Variety quoted Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson. Then, Channing Tatum e Cardi B, far – at least in appearance – from the imaginary associated with The Bodyguard. The 1992 film, starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner, has been able to make its way into the collective memory, one of the most romantic comedies ever. Thinking that it could be the rapper, with her baggage of excesses and the impossibility of reproducing Whitney Houston’s music, to inherit the role is at least difficult. But time to time.

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