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The boy sings a song by Amanda Miguel and they wonder ‘who hurt him so much?’

Singing at the top of your lungs is one of the most satisfying activities, especially if it is accompanied by a choreography or an epic performance, like the one that occurred to a little boy who was recorded singing castles by Amanda Miguel.

The video already has more than 13 million views and accumulates thousands of comments praising the minor’s performance, who puts all his energy and enthusiasm into every word. Of course, it makes us question who did him so much damage?, because the song speaks of spite and unrequited love.


The hurt, Chucho and me when… 😂 #fypシ #viral #kids #brothers and sisters #laughter #funnykid #fyp

♬ original sound – Marián BG 🦋

With his eyes closed, moving his arms, a hurt face and thinking that no one was watching him, the little boy was caught singing castlesone of the best-known songs by Amanda Miguel.

My king was a monster of stone, with a heart of stone. His love was always a lie, castles that today are ruins.

The peculiar moment reached TikTok, going viral in less than 15 hours and receiving recognition from the knowledgeable public.


HAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAH in short 🤣😎 #joke #laughter #fypシ #funnykid #kids

♬ original sound – Marián BG 🦋

But this is not the first time that the little one has won the hearts of tiktokers,Well, in his account @_bgmarian he usually shares content with dances, jokes and style recreations. lip sync.

However, the interpretation of castles he has made success knock on his door, and no wonder, because his musical delivery and gestures are incredible.


YES GOAAAAAAAA! 🤩 Friends, Chucho has already seen the video that Amanda Miguel made for him and he is more than ready to go. Thank you all so much, this is for you ♥️ #amandamiguel #fyp #of stone #funnykid

♬ original sound – Marián BG 🦋

But Chucho’s story does not end here. The video reached Amanda Miguel herself, who praised it on her social networks and even invited him to attend one of her concerts at the National Auditorium of Mexico.

I already saw you, Chucho! Dear friends, they sent me this video of Chucho singing with so much feeling that I want to share it with you. He is divine.

Chucho accepted the invitation to Show, so it is likely that we will see him in a duet with Amanda on stage.

Source: Okchicas

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