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“The Boys” spin-off series wins exclusive trailer at CCXP22

This Saturday (3), Prime Video held its panel on the main titles of the streaming service during the Comic Con Experience (CCXP22), in São Paulo. During the event, actors from the series “Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power”, “Jack Ryan”, “The Wheel of Time” and “Peripherals” took to the stage to address the series of the streaming service.

However, the surprise of the night was the exclusive trailer for “Gen V”, a spinoff series of the hit The Boys. The unconventional superhero series now returns focusing on a generation that has taken the V compound and is therefore full of powers.

In this spinoff series, the world of The Boys focuses on a university full of new heroes and stories that are different from those of Billy Butcher and Homeland Captain — but not that different.

The first images have already shown that the series will be as bloody and violent as The Boys, complete with a killer doll.

But a great highlight of Gen V is the presence of a Brazilian in the squad. Marco Pigossi, who was successful outside of Brazilian teledramaturgy by starring in the series “Cidade Invisível” and “Tidelands” on Netflix, now appears in the middle of the universe of one of the most successful series on Prime Video.

Source: CNN Brasil

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