The British are preparing suitcases for holidays: Thirty countries are likely to be on the “green list”

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Thirty countries can get the green light and enter the UK list for holidays when international tourism reopens on May 17th.

Downing Street hopes that 30 countries will be able to catch the targets and enter its “green list”.

The final decision will be made next month, however, most officials expect that there will be countries that will receive Britain’s “green” certification, which means that Britons traveling there will not have to enter quarantine returning to the country.

Israel, Iceland and some Caribbean nations are the most likely candidates for the “green list”, which will be announced in May.

France and Spain, longing for English tourists, will lose as everything shows the “anointing”, Portugal however, Dubai and Barbados are expected to get the green light.

Paul Charles, boss of PC Travel Agency, considers that the countries that will be included in the list are Israel, Morocco, UAE, Malta, Jamaica, Maldives, Barbados, Seychelles, Saint Lucia and other countries of the Caribbean.

Portugal looks like the exception for Europe, which seems to be on the “green list”.

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