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The brutal attack of a woman on a prostitute, who had sex with her husband – “I didn’t know she had a husband”

A video showing a furious wife attacking a naked prostitute, who she caught having sex with her husband, is making the rounds on the internet. The woman allegedly found photos of the couple on her husband’s phone and then followed him to her Phuket massage parlor of Thailand on January 25.

He was already gone, but the woman spotted the tiny one whore to sit in a chair. The video shows the moment he pulls off her towel, leaving her naked, while he viciously assaults her by slapping and pushing her for more than five minutes.

At some point the husband stood over the agitated masseuse and grabbed her to take her phone while pulling her hair while several other women watched the incident.

The younger woman was heard repeatedly apologizing and saying, “I didn’t know he had a wife” and “I’m going to stop seeing him,” according to the New York Post.

“Assault is a criminal offense and the victim can report it to the police. I think the assault is extremely serious because several people were in the room and witnessed the slapping and stripping. It is unacceptable that the woman was left naked. It must be fully investigated,” he stressed.

Source: News Beast

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