The Canary Islands will allow the antigen test as an alternative to PCR against the criteria of Health

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The Government of the Canary Islands has decided to allow the antigens as an alternative to PCR as valid proof to accredit the negative in Covid-19 in the visit to the archipelago, in “visible difference of criteria” with the Ministry of Health, as explained this Thursday by the spokesperson for the regional Executive, Julio parez.

The form that the Government of the Canary Islands will use will be a decree of the regional president, as “competent delegated authority” according to the decree of the State of Alarm, explained Parez during the press conference after the Government Council, which began at 10.30 am.

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Given that this measure “may contradict” the decision adopted by the Ministry of Health a few weeks ago detailing only the use of PCR as valid, the Government of the Canary Islands has agreed to require “formally” the Ministry of Health to “except to the Canary Islands of the application of this norm as it is written “.

All this, Parez explained, with the aim of boosting international tourism, taking advantage precisely of the fact that the United Kingdom “fortunately” once again allows its citizens to travel. “We hope that the flow of tourists to the Canary Islands can resume,” he added.

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The government spokesman said that “a control system similar to” the current one will be set by means of proof of origin. PCR antígenos”and detailed that the form used to resolve the” difference in criteria “with the Ministry is part of an” established system. ”

The spokesman said that the Canary Islands bases its request on what “the European health authority and the European air authority believe”, in addition to other arguments, which will crystallize in a document that will be ready “tomorrow” and that it will be sent to the general directorate of Public Health.

Parez said that this situation “does not mean that communication with the Ministry is not maintained” and, in fact, maintained that the Minister of Health, Blas Trujillo, is in “permanent contact” with the minister of the field, Salvador Illa , with whom he speaks “several times a day”, and “even today”, but a “visible difference of opinion” has been maintained.

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