The Challenge: The Russian team that made the first film in space is back on Earth

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THE Russian actor and the Russian director, who stayed for 12 days in International Space Station (ISS) to shoot the first movie there at space, landed this morning.

The Soyuz MS-18 spacecraft, carrying Yulia Peresild, Klim Sipenko and cosmonaut Oleg Nowitzki, landed in the steppes of Kazakhstan at 04:36, as predicted, according to images broadcast live by the Russian service.

“The landing vehicle of the Soyuz MS-18 manned spacecraft is safe. The crew is feeling well! ”Roscosmos wrote on Twitter.

The head of the Russian space agency Dmitry Rogozin, for his part, released before the return of the spacecraft to Earth, photos of his team on the way to the place of landing with ten helicopters.

37-year-old actress Yulia Peresild and 38-year-old director Klim Sipenko took off on October 5 from the Russian Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, along with experienced cosmonaut Anton Skaplerov, ahead of a competing American project with the US.

Their film, temporarily titled “The Challenge”, is about a surgeon who goes to the International Space Station with a mission to save the life of a cosmonaut.

In the context of Russian-American rivalry, this cinematic adventure also takes the form of a new race for space exploration, 60 years after the USSR put the first man in orbit, Yuri Gagarin.

This initiative was also carried out while unscientific space flights are in full swing, with the proliferation of leisure flights in recent months, such as those of billionaires Richard Branson (Britain) and Jeff Bezos (USA).

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