The Chestnut Man, as is the Netflix crime series

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Behind You e Squid Game, among Netflix’s ten most popular titles, a television series with a bizarre title has sprung up. The chestnut man, it was read online, where the synopsis returned to the viewer the picture of a Danish thriller, an adaptation of the novel that Søren Sveistrup wrote in 2018. The author of The Killing, then, it didn’t make much noise. His thriller, divided between past and present, was received with indifference by the public. Who, however, once found his television equivalent, decided to give it a chance, and with good reason, too. The chestnut man, a six-episode miniseries, is not an unforgettable product, and this should be clear to anyone who approaches it with oversized hopes. However, the show is based on a well-constructed case, capable of surprising and surprising, of bringing the viewer into a realistic world, where gender stereotypes seem to be (at least in part) forgotten.

The chestnut man it is the story of a misogynist slaughter. Three women are killed and maimed, each for the same reason. The killer seems to consider them negligent mothers, attributing to them more blame than the mere analysis of reality would make lawful. Next to the bodies, the killer leaves little men, without hands or feet, made with chestnuts. Above, the fingerprint of a little girl who thought she was dead. The jobs of the serial killer tell a dark story, in which the past plays a predominant role. There is politics, in its plot, the often selfish recklessness of the kids. There is sadness and suffering, a willingness to avenge wrongs that cannot be redressed. And there is the ability to tell everything with almost perfect tones.

The chestnut man, which although it has been said not to be a masterpiece, one of those capable of remaining carved in stone in the history of television, has found the right balance between drama and the needs of the viewer. The story is twisted enough to keep the attention of the beholder alive, the episodes last a short time, not very short. The series promises to be self-contained and the characters have that little bit of flaws necessary to make them objects of sympathy and empathy. Looking at it, therefore, will not change your life, but it will certainly be able to give you a few hours of pleasant and sensible entertainment.


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